Academic Year 2006-2007, Fall Term


These lectures notes are the current version of a text authored by Blandford and Thorne and form the core text of the class. They can be freely used by students taking the course and read by all. Duplication by others, in more than one copy, requires the express consent of the authors. Please send errata and suggestions for improvements to

I have put the full text here for reference. I suggest that you do not print all the chapters out now, because Blandford and Thorne are in the process of revising them, and improved versions may become available as the term progresses.

Preface and Contents Course Description Questionnaire
Chapter 1: Physics in Euclidean Space and Flat Spacetime: Geometric Viewpoint [Version 0401.2.K] [Version 0601.2.K] Homework 1
(due Wed. Oct. 4)
Solution Set 1
Chapter 2: Kinetic Theory [version 0402.2.K] [Version 0602.1.K] Homework 2
(due Wed. Oct. 11)
Solution Set 2
Chapter 3: Statistical Mechanics [version 0403.2.K] [version 0603.1.K] Homework 3
(due Wed. Oct. 18)
Solution Set 3
Chapter 4: Statistical Thermodynamics [version 0404.1.K] Homework 4
(due Wed. Oct. 25)
Solution Set 4
Chapter5: Random Processes [version 0405.1.K] Homework 5
(due Wed. Nov. 1)
Solution Set 5
Chapter6: Geometric Optics [version 0406.4.K] Homework 6
(due Wed. Nov. 8)
Solution Set 6
Chapter 7: Diffraction [version 0407.1.K] Homework 7
(due Wed. Nov. 15)
Solution Set 7
Chapter 8: Interference [version 0408.2.K] Homework 8
(due Wed. Nov 22)
Solution Set 8
Chapter 9: Nonlinear Optics [version 0409.1.K] Homework 9
(due Wed. Nov 29)
Solution Set 9
Final exam
Chapter 10: Elastostatics [version 0410.2.K] [version 0610.1.K] [version 0610.2.K] Homework 10a
(due Wed. Jan 10)
Solution Set 10a
Chapter 11: Elastodynamics [version 0411.2.K] [version 0611.1.K], Homework 10b & 11a
(due Wed. Jan 17)
Solution Set 10b & 11a
Chapter 11: Elastodynamics [version 0611.2.K] , Homework 11b
(due Wed. Jan 24)
Solution Set 11b
Chapter 12: Foundations of Fluid Dynamics [version 0412.2.K][version 0612.1.K][version 0612.2.K] Homework 12
(due Wed. Jan 31)
Solution Set 12
Chapter 13: Vorticity [version 0413.2.K][version 0613.1.K][version 0613.2.K] Homework 13
(due Wed. Feb 7)
Solution Set 13
Chapter 14: Turbulence [version 0414.1.K][version 0614.1.K] Homework 14
(due Wed. Feb 14)
Solution Set 14
Chapter 15: Waves and Rotating Flows [version 0415.2.K][version 0615.1.K][version 0615.2.K] Homework 15
(due Wed. Feb 21)
Solution Set 15
Chapter 16: Compressible and Supersonic Flow [version 0416.2.K][version 0616.1.K] Homework 16A
(due Wed. Feb 28)
Solution Set 16A
Chapter 17: Convection [version 0417.1.K][version 0617.1.K]
Chapter 18: Magnetohydrodynamics [version 0418.1.K][version 0618.1.K][version 0618.2.K] Homework 16B & 18A
(due Wed. Mar 7)
Solution Set 16B & 18A
Homework 18B
(due Wed. Mar 14)
Solution Set 18B
Chapter 19: Particle Kinetics of Plasma [version 0419.1.K][version 0619.1.K] Homework 19
(due Wed. April 4)
Solution Set 19
Chapter 20: Waves in Cold Plasmas: Two-Fluid Formalism [version 0420.1.K][version 0620.1.K] Homework 20
(due Wed. April 11)
Solution Set 20
Chapter 21: Kinetic Theory of Warm Plasmas [version 0421.1.K],[version 0621.1.K] Homework 21
(due Wed. April 18)
Solution Set 21
Chapter 22: Nonlinear Dynamics of Plasmas [version 0422.1.K], [version 0622.1.K] Homework 22
(due Wed. April 25)
Solution Set 22
Chapter 23: From Special to General Relativity [version 0423.1.K], [version 0623.1.K] Homework 23
(due Wed. May 2)
Solution Set 23
Chapter 24: Fundamental Concepts of General Relativity [version 0424.1.K], [version 0624.1.K] Homework 24
(due Wed. May 9)
Solution Set 24
Chapter 25: Stars and Black Holes [version 0425.1.K], [version 0625.1.K] Homework 25
(due Wed. May 16)
Solution Set 25
Chapter 26: Gravitational Waves and Experimental Tests of General Relativity [version 0426.1.K], [version 0626.1.K] Homework 26
(due Wed. May 23)
Solution Set 26
Chapter 27: Cosmology [version 0427.1.K], [version 0627.1.K] Homework 27
(due Wed. May 30)
Appendix A: Concept-Based Outline of Book [version 0411.1K]
Appendix B: Some Unifying Concepts [version 0411.1K]

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