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About the Departments
The physics program offers instruction in the fundamentals of modern physics and provides a foundation for graduate study as well as providing an excellent basis for future work in a wide variety of allied fields. The graduate program is meant to prepare students for a career in original scientific research or research combined with teaching. A full spectrum of courses is offered with the aim of providing a firm foundation in basic physics in areas of contemporary investigation.                 
The math undergraduate program gives students an understanding of the broad outlines of modern mathematics, to stimulate an interest in research, and to prepare them for later work, either in pure mathematics or allied sciences. The principal aim of the graduate program is to develop the student's ability to do original research in mathematics in universities, industry or government. Independent and critical thinking is fostered by direct contact with faculty members.                 
The astrophysics program prepares students for creative and productive careers in astrophysical research. With the goal of understanding the physical processes that govern the universe, its constituents, and their evolution, astronomy uses the apparatus and methodology of physics to gather and interpret data. The opportunity exists for students to take advantage of the many observational facilities owned and operated by Caltech.                

For a complete listing of individual faculty and research interests, choose one of the departmental links above. Several PMA faculty have joint appointments in both the physics and astronomy departments, especially in the area of astrophysics. Graduate program information is also specific to the individual departments, however, application to any graduate program is made through the Dean of Graduate Studies.

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