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   Information Day Program Reservations

How do I make a reservation for the Physics Information Day Program at Caltech?
All newly admitted students may visit campus whenever they wish, however, the best time would be the last week in March when a special Information Day Program will be held. The program includes a welcome breakfast, presentations by professors from various research groups, lunch with faculty and grad students, and a dinner at the Caltech Alumni House with members of the Admissions Committee, other faculty and current graduate students. Friday is set aside for touring labs and research facilities and visiting individually with faculty and graduate students. Lunch will be provided in East Bridge at noon on Friday. Current grad students will be hosting a Friday night party as well. When your travel arrangements have been set, contact the Physics Graduate Program Office using the Program Reservations Form with your information. We will need your arrival and departure dates and times, the number of nights you will need housing and your current mailing address in order to make the correct hotel reservation. A quick-reference guide for attending the two day program is available to print.
What information do you need for my visit?
As soon as you know you will be attending the 2 day program, please let us know as available rooms will disappear quickly. The entire campus will be using the local hotels for visiting prospective students during this time. It is very important that you inform us of your arrival and departure dates and times, the number of nights you need housing and your current mailing address. Without this we are unable to make the necessary reservations. If you are visiting other West Coast schools, please inform us about this as well in the message section of the Program Reservations Form. For students visiting at times other than during the 2 day Information Day Program, it would be helpful to know what groups or individuals you wish to meet, and your particular areas of interest. Visitors wishing to come outside of the 2 day program dates may contact the Physics Graduate Office by using the non-program visit form and including the appropriate travel information.

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