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    Department of Physics Graduate Program - 103-33 - Pasadena - California - 91125

    Quantum Optics with Single Atoms and Photons
    Jeff Kimble

Research assistantships are available in the Quantum Optics Group. General areas of activity are quantum information science and the quantum dynamics of open systems, including quantum measurement on various fronts, cavity quantum electrodynamics, and the quantum-classical interface. Within this setting, particular investigations relate to strong coupling in optical physics whereby nonlinear interactions require only single atoms and photons, thereby enabling the manipulation of the dynamical processes of individual quantum systems. In qualitative terms, our goal is to move beyond traditional nonlinear optics and laser physics into a new regime with dynamical processes involving atoms and photons taken one by one. The research addresses fundamental issues related to quantum metrology, to quantum networks, and to the general development of quantum information science. Recent experimental advances include observations of photon blockade by one atom trapped in an optical cavity and of measurement-induced entanglement for remote atomic ensembles. For more information regarding Research Assistantships, please contact Professor Jeff Kimble at or visit the Quantum Optics website at

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