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    Space Infrared Telescope Facility

The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) was launched as NASA's 4th Great Observatory in January 2003. As part of the Infrared Spectrometer (IRS) team Guaranteed Time Program, we are conducting a moderate depth survey of 10 square degrees at 24 microns. This survey will be used to select targets for followup IRS spectroscopy.
The goal of this project is to establish the nature of faint infrared sources. Most of the objects detected in this survey are likely to be dusty galaxies at high redshifts (z > 1). It is expected that the main result from this program will be to determine the rate of star formation in dusty infrared galaxies as a function of redshift. Since there is strong evidence that the bulk of star-formation in the universe has occured in dusty galaxies, the direct measurement of the star formation history in dusty galaxies is essential to establishing the star formation history of the universe.
There is an opportunity for a graduate student to participate in this project, preparing for and analyzing the SIRTF survey data as well as the existent ancillary data, preparing for the SIRTF spectroscopic followup observations. Complementary groundbased followup observations using the Palomar and Keck telescopes will also be part of this project. Contact Tom Soifer at or x6626 for further information.

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