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    Ultra-Cold Neutrons
    Brad Filippone

Ultra-cold neutrons, with velocities below about 8 m/s, can be trapped and localized by constructing a "bottle" of certain materials or via strong magnetic fields. This containment allows precise measurements of the properties of the free neutron (in searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model) and investigation of novel quantum properties of these neutral matter waves. We are presently performing precise measurements of polarized neutron decay distributions and are preparing a highly sensitive search for the neutron's Electric Dipole Moment (EDM). A neutron EDM would violate Time Reversal Symmetry as well as CP (Charge conjugation-Parity) Symmetry. Opportunies are available for several GRA positions to carry out experiments that are underway as well as design and execute future experiments. Information can be found at and by contacting Brad Filippone at

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