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Vol. 43 No. 12
PMA Seminar Calendar
December 15 - 19, 2014

MONDAY, December 15
Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 57 E Bridge
"Twist Liquids and Gauging Anyonic Symmetries," Professor Jeffrey Teo, University of Virginia
Astronomy Tea Talk, 4:15 pm, Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
"How galaxies acquire their gas: perspectives from modern cosmological simulations," Dylan Nelson, cfa, Harvard

TUESDAY, December 16
Special Astronomy Talk, 1:30 pm, 219 Cahill
"Virial Stars from Sub-viral Cores" Jonathan Foster, Yale University
Number Theory Seminar, 2 pm, 257 Sloan
"Taussky-Todd Lecture Series IV: Periods and global invariants of automorphic representations," Joseph Bernstein, Professor of Mathematics, University of Tel Aviv
Carnegie Observatories Colloquium, 4 pm, William T. Golden Auditorium, 813 Santa Barbara St.
"Probing the Dark Matter Halo of the Milky Way," Professor Nitya Kallivayalil, Univ. of Virginia
High Energy Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 469 Lauritsen
"Particle physics solutions to cosmological lithium problem," Maxim Pospelov, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Special Chemical Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 147 Noyes
"Many-body effects in quasi-2D transition metal dichalcogenides," Timothy C. Berkelbach, Ph.D., Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, Princeton University

WEDNESDAY, December 17
IPAC Seminar, noon, LCR, Morrisroe
"TBA," Jonathan Fraine, University of Maryland
Earnest C. Watson Lecture, 8 pm, Beckman Auditorium
"Controlling Light on a Chip at the Single-Photon Level," Andrei Faraon

THURSDAY, December 18 - No PMA events scheduled

FRIDAY, December 19
High Energy Theory Seminar, 11 am, 469 Lauritsen
"TBA," Jim Halverson, KITP, UCSB

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