• Tom Tombrello Photograph
    Tom Tombrello
    Credit: Caltech Archives
  • Gordon Garmire Photo
    Gordon Garmire
    Credit: Caltech Archives
  • Gerry Neugebauer Photo
    Gerry Neugebauer
    Credit: Caltech Archives

France A. Córdova Graduate Student Fund

The France Córdova Graduate Student Fund provides resources for one to two graduate students annually to support research-related expenses. Preference shall be given to student(s) studying broadly in areas in which Professors Gerry Neugebauer, Gordon Garmire and Tom Tombrello made contributions. Each awardee shall be recognized as a Neugebauer, Garmire or Tombrello Scholar. The Fund was established by France Córdova who received her Ph.D in Physics from Caltech in 1979.

2017  - Anna Ho,  Garmire Scholar
             Brett Cornell, Neugebauer Scholar

2016 - Dave Aasen, Tombrello Scholar
            Michael Eastwood, Neugebauer Scholar
            Sarah Gossan, Garmire Scholar

2015 - Jonathan Blackman, Garmire Scholar
            Trevor David, Neugebauer Scholar
            Javier Duarte, Tombrello Scholar

2014 - Seth Siegel, Garmire Scholar
            Allison Strom, Neugebauer Scholar