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  • SoCal Data Science Conference 2017 - USC & Pasadena Convention Center
    • Conference - October 21-22, 2017
    • For more information, click here
  • American Physical Society March Meeting - Los Angeles, California
    • Abstract Submission Deadline - November 3, 2017
    • Travel Grants Available
    • Registration Deadline, early rate - January 12, 2018
    • Conference - March 5-9, 2018
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  • North American Summer School in Logic, Language and Information - Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our non-profit organization would like to invite you to participate in the SoCal Data Science Conference 2017 on Oct 22 (Sun), at Los Angeles. We are dedicated to helping young professionals and students to develop a career path in the data science field. This platform would be a great opportunity for your students to learn and network with experts and practitioners.

We are glad to offer two complimentary tickets and additional group discounts for your students and faculty. Feel free to share below information within your network:

  • Two Complimentary Tickets: Enter promo code "CalTech2FREE" on registration page.
  • Group Discount: Enter promo code "CalTechGROUP25" for 25% discount on registration page.
  • One Volunteer opportunity: A full day volunteer opportunity at the conference. Volunteer will have the benefit of free admission with lunch included. Please reply to this email with a contact and a short introduction.

A quick overview of our conference:

  • This year, we have 60+ talks, 60+ speakers, and 1,500 attendees throughout the day. Covering topics in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics/Visualization, Fintech, Entrepreneur, and Healthcare.
  • Designed for young professionals and students to gain insight into the future of data science development.
  • Featuring speakers from IBM, Intel, Capital One, City of Los Angeles, Accenture AI and other industry-leading companies.
  • Network with Data Scientists from various backgrounds and discover career opportunities.

Internship & Full-time Research Positions @ Theorem

We invite PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to apply for research positions at Theorem.

Theorem combines quantitative research, software engineering and rigorous scientific investigation to build credit portfolios that produce strong and consistent yields across business cycles.

Theorem, researchers are comfortable reading and applying scientific papers. Researchers often explore and apply esoteric statistical and machine learning methods, and may contribute to the development of new methods. Researchers move fluidly between theory and practice, designing and conducting experiments that get at the heart of abstract business problems in the most rigorous way possible. And Theorem researchers apply best practices from academia, contributing regular scientific review meetings and paper discussion groups held weekly within the firm.

For more information about our company and culture, job opportunities and how to apply, please review our postings on Handshake:



Meet us at Caltech this Fall.

October 17: Career Fair 10-2

October 17: Theorem Information Session, TBD

October 18: Interviews at the Career Development Center

We look forward to meeting you.

Theorem Research & Engineering Team

Hello Caltech Physics graduate students and alumni! Looking for a position at an exciting, fast-paced research and development company? Modern Electron is a startup on a mission to generate cheap, modular and reliable electricity for all! We have 20+ issued patents and over $10 MM in venture capital funding, and we are looking for intelligent individuals to join our R&D team.

As an R&D Physicist at Modern Electron, you would be responsible for designing and conducting experiments on our prototype nanofabricated anodes under hot cathodes in custom-built ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers. You will analyze the data, draw conclusions, and communicate the results to the computational physics and nanofabrication teams in order to complete a feedback loop aimed at gaining a robust understanding of the electron optics, surface chemistry, and practical limitations of the prototype anodes.

If you are interested in this position, please send me your resume and I can forward it to the hiring manager. If you would like more information on the position, please visit the job description posted on our website. Note that other positions are also available, and that Modern Electron is open to internships.


Amelia Earhart Fellowships for Women

2018-19 Academic Year

TO: Financial Aid/Dean of Graduate Studies/Aerospace-Related Departments

FROM: Megan Radavich, Director of Programs and Advocacy

DATE: August 2017

SUBJECT: Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowships for women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering.


Established in 1938, Zonta International's Amelia Earhart Fellowships memorialize famed air pioneer and Zontian, Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the Pacific in 1937. By remembering Amelia Earhart through this fellowship, Zonta International encourages and supports women to expand their horizons by pursuing degrees and careers in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. In the program's 78-year history, Zonta has awarded 1,543 Amelia Earhart Fellowships, totaling more than US$9.7 million, to 1,114 Fellows representing 72 countries. It is anticipated that 35 Fellowships of US$10,000 each will be awarded in 2018.


Women of any nationality are eligible. To apply for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be registered in a full-time Ph.D./doctoral program in a qualifying area of science or engineering closely related to advanced studies in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering and completed at least one year of that program or have received a master's degree in an aerospace-related field at the time the application is submitted. A verification of current enrollment must be submitted with the application. Acceptance letters are not verification of enrollment and will not be accepted.

  • Demonstrate a superior academic record at a recognized university or college with accredited courses in aerospace-related studies as verified by official transcripts and recommendations. In programs where graduate transcripts are not provided as a matter of institutional policy, please provide a statement of that policy from the registrar or other school official. Please note that links from universities containing electronic transcripts will not be accepted.

  • Provide evidence of a well-defined research program in aerospace-related science or aerospace-related engineering as described in the application essay (in general scientific terms), the academic documents (references, transcripts, verification of enrollment) and the list of publications (Note: please do not attach publications; citing the references is sufficient).

  • Clearly demonstrate the relationship of the research to aerospace and furnish verification of research program through at least one of the reference letters required with the application. The thesis supervisor or advisor and a university professor must each be one of the referees.

  • Applicant must be registered in a full-time Ph.D./doctoral program by 15 November 2018 and must not graduate before April 2019.


A copy of the Fellowship application is attached and can also be downloaded from the Zonta International website at The application, recommendations, official transcripts, and verification of enrollment for the 2018 Amelia Earhart Fellowships must be received or post-marked by 15 November 2017 to be considered.


The attached poster invites applications for the 2018 academic year from qualified women for fellowships of US$10,000 each for graduate study in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. Please post it so that interested students may apply. The poster can also be downloaded from the Zonta International website at


Zonta International

Programs Department

1211 West 22nd Street, Suite 900

Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA

Telephone: +1 (630) 320-7073

Fax: +1 (630) 928-1559

The Technology Development group's Thin Films division of Intel Corporation currently has openings for physical science, math and engineering Ph.D.'s to support/direct R&D of advanced processing methods. Candidates hired for these positions will be responsible for developing the next generation of Intel's microprocessors.

The PTD Module & Integration Device Yield Engineer's role encompasses ownership of critical technology, enabling rapid miniaturization in the semiconductor industry and the mass production of integrated circuits. Engineers within the Portland Technology Development (PTD) organization at Intel participate in leading edge innovations in the development of the fabrication process and continue to overcome seemingly impossible barriers as tolerances and specifications for building best-in-class computing devices becomes increasingly rigorous. Our world-class team consists of passionate, talented, accomplished scientists and engineers who hail from a diverse range of educational, cultural and technological backgrounds. We foster strong collaborations within large groups of process and design engineers as well as with equipment suppliers from all over the world. Our pursuit of increasingly efficient, powerful, tiny devices seek to enable smarter, connected economies toward the enrichment of people around the globe. If you are considering a career which places you at the leading edge of technological innovation with the world's foremost semiconductor manufacturer, we encourage you to consider joining the team that is chartered with continuing to meet the challenge of Moore's Law in the 21st century.

A key challenge in this pursuit of a superior microfabrication processes is the development of next generation optical and computational methods to enable precision measurements and finer control in increasingly complex device interfaces. In addition to students interested in the process development role detailed above, those with experience in optics and big-data manipulation are encouraged to consider applying as well. In this role, you will be tasked specifically with developing new optical methods as well as designing advanced algorithms that enable state-of-the-art process control systems in semiconductor manufacturing. This emerging team actively collaborates with various process, yield, automation and module engineers within Intel to utilize the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deliver unprecedented robust control to Intel's manufacturing process.

Criteria for selection include for all candidates: a strong academic record, demonstrated experimental and data analysis expertise, superior critical thinking skills, and an ability to drive and to take responsibility for projects. Experience using and maintaining scientific equipment is valued. Semiconductor processing experience is not mandatory. Those candidates specifically interested in optics and big data applications will be selected according to criteria including: data acquisition and analysis expertise in experimental research or, demonstrated real-world modeling and computational expertise in theoretical research, strong fundamental understanding of light-matter interaction in the microscopic and atomic regime, strong grasp of at-least one of the modern general all-purpose analytical programming languages such as Python, Matlab, SAS, JMP, R, C, C++, FORTRAN, etc. Additional desired qualifications for the optics and big data application role include demonstrated coding evidence through Github or similar platform, experience in latest machine learning technologies or experience in optical measurements, spectroscopy, signal processing, manipulation and analysis.

Openings are immediately available at Intel's primary development facility (Ronler Acres) located ~10 miles west of Portland, OR.

Interested candidates should email resumes to as well as apply at, Job ID: JR0001698,;-Integration-Device-Yield-Engineer/