Friday, April 21, 2017
11:00 am
Lauritsen 469

High Energy Theory Seminar

Holographic lattice field theories
Ingmar Saberi, University of Heidelberg

Recent developments in tensor network models (which are, roughly speaking, quantum circuits designed to produce analogues of the ground state in a conformal field theory) have led to speculation that such networks provide a natural discretization of the AdS/CFT correspondence. This raises many questions: just to begin, is there any sort of lattice field theory model underlying this connection? And how much of the usual AdS/CFT dictionary really makes sense in a discrete setting? I'll describe some recent work that proposes a setting in which such questions can perhaps be addressed: a discrete spacetime whose bulk isometries nevertheless match its boundary conformal symmetries. Many of the first steps in the AdS/CFT dictionary carry over without much alteration to lattice field theories in this background, and one can even consider natural analogues of BTZ black hole geometries.

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