Tuesday, April 18, 2017
12:00 pm
Sloan 159

Math Graduate Student Seminar

The Theory of Pseudo-differential Operators on the Noncommutative n-Torus
Jim Tao, Department of Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
The methods of spectral geometry are useful for investigating the metric aspects of noncommutative geometry and in these contexts require extensive use of pseudo-differential operators. In a foundational paper, Connes showed that, by direct analogy with the theory of pseudo-differential operators on $\mathbb R^n$, one may derive a similar pseudo-differential calculus on noncommutative $n$ tori $\mathbb T_{\theta}^n$, and with the development of this calculus came many results concerning the local differential geometry of noncommutative tori for $n=2,4$, as shown in the groundbreaking paper in which the Gauss--Bonnet theorem on $\mathbb T_{\theta}^2$ is proved and later papers. Certain details of the proofs in the original derivation of the calculus were omitted, such as the evaluation of oscillatory integrals, so we make it the objective of this paper to fill in all the details. After reproving in more detail the formula for the symbol of the adjoint of a pseudo-differential operator and the formula for the symbol of a product of two pseudo-differential operators, we define the corresponding analog of Sobolev spaces for which we prove the Sobolev and Rellich lemmas. We then extend these results to finitely generated projective right modules over the noncommutative $n$ torus.
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