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Super Spirals Spin Super Fast

"Super spiral" galaxies spin at a rate of up to 350 miles per second.
A super spiral galaxy captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Virtual Reality for Scientists

Whitney Clavin
Scientists are getting a new look at their data with the help of virtual reality headsets.
Still from VR lung program.

KAGRA to Join LIGO and Virgo in Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Whitney Clavin
KAGRA, LIGO, and Virgo will team up to detect gravitational waves.
Photos of KAGRA, LIGO, and Virgo.

Stewart and Lynda Resnick Pledge $750 Million to Caltech to Support Environmental Sustainability Research

Kathy Svitil
Commitment will bring together experts across campus, and provide shared facilities with unparalleled instrumentation, to advance bold new solutions to energy and sustainability challenges
Lynda Resnick, Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum, and Stewart Resnick

First Overtones "Heard" in the Ringing of a Black Hole

Whitney Clavin
By listening for specific tones in the gravitational waves of black hole mergers, researchers are putting Albert Einstein's theories to new tests.
Simulation of black hole data

A Metal Unlike Itself

Whitney Clavin
Physicists find evidence for the mechanism by which metals may exhibit "ferroelectricity"
Image of lithium osmate sample

Caltech Faculty Honored with Breakthrough and New Horizons Prizes

Robert Perkins and Whitney Clavin
Caltech's Katherine L. (Katie) Bouman, Xie Chen, and Xinwen Zhu recognized for contributions in physics and mathematics.
Breakthrough Prize

Philip Isett Wins Clay Award

Whitney Clavin
The Clay Research Award honors "outstanding achievements of the world's most gifted mathematicians."
Philip Isett

Newly Discovered Giant Planet Slingshots Around Its Star

Elise Cutts
Three times the mass of Jupiter, a first-of-its-kind planet swings around its star on a bizarre path.
Exoplanet orbit

Gravitational-wave Harmony

Whitney Clavin
Summer student Mahlet Shiferaw is studying higher-order modes of gravitational waves
Mahlet Shiferaw