A Centennial Celebration for Richard Feynman

A two-day celebration honored Richard Feynman—the explorer, teacher, and seer.

Astrophysics Student Selected for Fulbright Fellowship

Astrophysics student Roohi Dalal has received a Fulbright fellowship to travel to the Netherlands where she will study the distribution of galaxies in the universe. The way galaxies are arranged could reveal clues about how general relativity works on large scales.

Astronomy Professor and JPL Historian Win 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships

Shri Kulkarni of Caltech and Erik Conway of JPL have been named 2018 Guggenheim fellows.

Caltech Students and Alumni Receive 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Twenty-seven current students and 11 recent alumni have been selected to receive funding for graduate studies.

Remembering Richard Feynman

On May 11 and 12, Caltech will celebrate the memorable Richard Feynman with a two-day event that includes some of the world's top physicists.

Caltech Mourns the Loss of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the author of A Brief History of Time and a frequent visitor to Caltech, has passed away. He was 76.

Q&A: Evan Kirby on the Importance of Science Outreach

Evan Kirby discusses his work with high school students and his recent Cottrell Scholarship.

Searching for Earth-Like Planets

The search for extrasolar planets has uncovered a dizzying array of planetary systems.

A Better Way to Model Stellar Explosions

A new computer program will allow astrophysicists to better model extreme events involving neutron stars.

Caltech Announces the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Five alumni will be presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor the Institute bestows upon a graduate.


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