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Matthew T. Heydeman

Graduate Student

Graduate Student - Matthew Heydeman
Research Areas: Physics

I am a graduate student working with Professors John Schwarz and Matilde Marcolli. My research interests are primarily in quantum gravity, string theory, scattering amplitudes, and holographic duality. I'm fascinated by the idea of finding new physical and mathematical relationships between seemingly unrelated problems.

Most recently I have worked on scattering amplitudes in non-Lagrangian theories (the abelian six-dimensional (2,0) theory,) with a goal of better understanding the M5 brane of M-theory. This work has led to formulas for the tree level S-matrix of a variety of 6D supersymmetric field theories and supergravity.

I have also worked on aspects and generalizations of the AdS/CFT correspondence, including holographic constructions from D-branes and discretizations of the duality based on p-adic fields. The latter, known as p-adic AdS/CFT, connects the low dimensional AdS/CFT correspondence to number theory and primes.

Email: mheydema at caltech

Office: 414 Lauritsen