Physics Research Conference 2009-10

The Physics Research Conference is held on Thursday at 4:00 P.M. in 201 E. Bridge, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served in 114 E. Bridge at 3:45 P.M. If that room is not available, they are served in 108 E. Bridge. All talks are intended for a broad audience, and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

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October 1

John Peacock
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Studying the Dark Universe
with Galaxy Clustering

Tom Soifer

October 8

Sean Carroll

The Origin of the Universe
and the Arrow of Time

Marc Kamionkowski

October 15

Roger Romani
Stanford University

Fermi LAT Pulsars: The New Gamma-ray View of the Pulsar Machine

Tom Soifer

October 22

Ramamurti Shankar
Yale University

Dots for Dummies

Gil Refael

October 29

Thomas Levenson

Isaac Newton: Mathematician, Natural Philosopher, Alchemist.....Cop?

Sean Carroll

November 5

Bonnie Bassler
Princeton University

Tiny Conspiracies: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria

Sean Carroll
November 12

Daniel Holz
Los Alamos
National Laboratory

Cosmology from standard sirens

Marc Kamionkowski
November 19

M. Zahid Hasan
Princeton University

Topological Insulators : the Observation of
Quantum Hall-like Effects without Magnetic Field

Gil Refael

December 3

Subir Sachdev
Harvard University

Quantum phase transitions: from antiferromagnets and
superconductors to black holes

Anton Kapustin

January 7

Rob Phillips

Order of Magnitude Biology

Michael Roukes
January 14

Paul Sommers
Penn State University

The high energy frontier of the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory

Marc Kamionkowski

January 21

David Charbonneau
Harvard University

Detecting Habitable Exoplanets:
The Small Star Opportunity

Tom Prince

January 28

Gary Horowitz
UC Santa Barbara

The Remarkable Power of General Relativity

Yanbei Chen
February 4

Sunil Golwala

The Road to Zeptobarn Dark Matter
and Beyond

Marc Kamionkowski

February 11

Sheperd Doeleman
Haystack Observatory, MIT

Measuring a Black Hole Event Horizon:
Very Long Baseline Interferometry of the Galactic Center

Tom Soifer

February 18

Boris Kayser

Are We Descended From Heavy Neutrinos?

Robert McKeown
February 25

Yanbei Chen

LIGO Mirrors as Quantum Objects

Marc Kamionkowski

March 4

Norval Fortson
University of Washington

New limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of the 199Hg atom

Robert McKeown

April 1

Peter Zoller
University of Innsbruck

Quantum Information and Condensed Matter Physics with
Quantum Optical Systems

Jeff Kimble
April 8

Saul Teukolsky
Cornell University

Simulations of Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Yanbei Chen

April 15

Eugene Polzik
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University

Quantum information processing and quantum metrology with atomic ensembles

Jeff Kimble

April 22

Shamit Kachru

Illuminating strongly coupled field theories with black holes

Anton Kapustin

April 29

David Tirrell

Reinterpreting the Genetic Code:
Non-Canonical Amino Acids in Protein Design, Evolution and Analysis

Nai-Chang Yeh
May 6

Matthew B. Hastings
Microsoft Research Station Q, UCSB

Entropy in Quantum Information Theory and Condensed Matter Physics

John Preskill

May 13

Sharad Ramanathan
Harvard University

Soft directions in biology: what can we learn about from networks?

Gil Refael

May 20

No scheduled speaker

Please note it is cancelled

No host

May 27

Dolores Bozovic

Biophysics of hearing: mechanical detection by inner ear hair cells

Sean Carroll

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